Blog #4

One goal of identity education must be to help people understand how they have acquired their current self-image and to appreciate their own unique position and value even when others do not.

If people can gain an understanding of how they can build and support their own values, it will help significantly in the primary prevention in terms of feeling community and belonging.

-When you feel safe and comfortable, it is easier to be curious and open in the relationship with others, which makes it easier to create good relationships.

This understanding supports prevention work in relation to many personal and interpersonal problems.

It is natural that people want to be accepted, but if the view of yourself depends too much on how others rate you, it will be very difficult to act independently, to resist peer pressure, to take risks, to defend a position and especially to deal with criticism and rejection.

The work with identity is therefore at the heart of healthy growth and development and will contribute to many areas of people's lives.